Release Date : 25 Sep, 2009
Cast : Jesse Eisenberg, Amber Heard
Genre : Action | Adventure | Comedy | Horror
Awards : 1 win & 4 nominations

Plot :

Zombieland is an action, adventure, zombie comedy and horror flick, directed expertly by Ruben Fleischer. The movie is about two men, who have landed in Zombieland, where they are the only humans. The movie begins when two men named Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) get the chance to come to the world, where corpses are common and humans are rare. Columbus used to get scare from every object and soul, but when he comes to this woody and scary planet, his fear goes away with the wind. In fact, in the end, he emerges as a brave man. Whereas Tallahassee is a really fearless man, who can face any challenge. In Zombieland, they try to overcome all those wavering souls, who have departed from their bodies, but still exist in the caverns of scary woods. In their mission they find a few deceptive creatures, and they also face terrible experiences in their mission.

Reviews :

In case, you love some gruesome action with a pinch of humor and romance in it then Zombieland welcomes you. The efforts of Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who are known to be the script writers of reality shows, proved a huge hit at a silver screen too. Blending horror and comedy, topping the story with romance makes the film exclusive.

Talking of the story, it revolves around Tallahassee and Columbus, who have survived a deadly disease, which turns humans to zombies. Columbus searches for his parents and Tallahassee looks for his young son. Moreover, they both wander in the place that has turned into a Zombieland, in search of a livable place and food. On the way, they encounter many zombies, which in turn are killed by Tallahassee and Columbus.

In the films, these elements of entertainment are positioned studiously. The action, suspense, comedy and romance are given an individual place. It doesn’t enter into each other’s place. A comic scene is solely comic. It doesn’t mix with action or romance. What creates humor in the haunted film is the friendship between Tallahassee and Columbus. Though, they have the same goal, their ways are quite different. Columbus is not a strong person, and can’t handle horrific conditions alone. He is quite afraid of zombies.

Moreover, he doesn’t know how to use a weapon at a time of need professionally. And top of that, he trails some rules to save himself from ‘the living dead’. However, Tallahassee is the complete opposite of Columbus. He is strong with good built. He is a weapon expert. Moreover, he follows only one rule to save himself from zombies and that is to kill it wherever it appears. He does whatever he likes. He is brave. Even after huge differences in their characteristics, the friendship binds them together.

The dependence of Columbus on Tallahassee, the way Columbus acts in order to save his life, all these constitute hilarious elements in the film. In addition to them, the character Little Rock, who managed to save herself from the deadly disease, adds humor to the film. Ruben Fleischer, who is mostly associated to small screen works (TV series and documentary), has proved his directorial talent for the silver screen too. He has juxtaposed some fast paced scenes, which does not create room for boredom. He has directed a film in way, where a desire to know what will happen next, is created among the viewers.

The zombie comedy exhibits an excellent judgment of timing. Overall, Zombieland is an entertaining film, which has the ability to engross viewers from the beginning till the end. The characters, direction and the story make the film really captivating. Therefore, it’s the film for those, who wish to see horror, romance and comedy on a single platform.


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