Release Date : 27 Aug, 2010
Duration : 87 Min
Director : Daniel Stamm
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Awards : 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot :

The Last Exorcism is horror movie directed by Daniel Stamm. The movie revolves around a priest, who has been in the church for a long time, but now his faith in his religion starts shattering.

He has been practicing exorcism for several years but he doesn’t believe in this. Now, when he is called in a Louisiana farm by a fundamentalist, Louis Sweetzer, whose daughter Nell has come under the influence of a demon, he performs his last exorcism to save Sweetzer’s daughter.

Reviews :

Forgive me if I come across as a prude, but any movie about any sort of exorcism is going to stand up against the horror movie genre heavyweight ‘The Exorcist’ and face the comparison. In a pleasantly scary surprise, The Last Exorcism stands up to the challenge and manages to hold its own among the clichéd horror movies.

Coming from the much maligned mockumentary stable of movies, The Last Exorcism is every horror movie-buff’s dream come true and it almost recreates the level of suspense and chills as that of the original. But this is not a remake, not even close. The Last Exorcism is the story of a Priest named Cotton Marcus, a rather exhausted, disenchanted man.

He is fed-up with exorcisms and wants to expose himself, while doubting his own faith in Catholic beliefs. Actor Patrick Fabian plays Marcus and is able to deliver a perfectly balanced presentation of a man caught between his own faith, and the reality. Marcus is approached by a farmer named Louis Sweetzer to perform an exorcism on his daughter, Nell. And there on begins the last exorcism performed by Reverend Marcus.

He allows a camera crew to cover his last endeavor and expose the truth, when he goes to the farmer’s home. He is a clever man, Reverend Marcus, but things go awry when the girl he had exorcised, shows up in his room, soaked with blood. A special mention for the girl, Ashley Bell; her performance is the scene stealer in this outstanding faux movie. The conviction with which she executes the role of a girl tormented by demons and beneath her macabre demeanor, lays her secret till the cliffhanger climax.

The interplay between Reverend Cotton, Louis and Nell is the source of the much needed thrills, jumps and goose bumps. Director Eli Roth and his crew use the documentary, low budget effect to extreme use; you can actually see the grainy picture adding to the surrealism of the story. Especially when moral dilemmas haunting Marcus spillover to the whole story, and the climax of the movie entails a very dramatic and strong moral message.

The whole premise of truth being hidden among satanic rituals, possessions and the religious beliefs of the people is bound to give chills to anybody. Also the suspense over Nell’s possible abuse by either her father or brother, a very spooky lad, is an example of excellent storytelling. The Last Exorcism has everything a complete horror movie is expected to have. The cast, screenplay and the story are a big-big bonus; this is for all the Exorcist fans. It will literally make the grown-ups cry for their mama, not that it will stop them from watching it again and again.


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