Release Date : 7 Jan, 2011
Duration : 113 Min
Director : Peter Goddard, Dominic Sena
Cast : Ron Perlman, Nicolas Cage
Genre : Drama | Adventure | Horror | Thriller

Plot :

Nicolas Cage starrer Season of The Witch is a movie directed by a famous director Dominic Sena. It is about a brave Crusader and his close buddy, who come back to their hometown after one of the major battles of their lives. On their arrival they find total chaos in their country due to black plague.

The movie depicts a completely orthodox society, where the church authorities accuse a girl of being a witch. One can download Season of The Witch movie to catch this supernatural thriller movie, to witness the exciting incident of one of the historical events. According to the authorities, the main reason behind the devastation shown is the girl.


Reviews :

Only after you watch this film, do you realize why the movie so impatiently awaited, and with such enthusiasm! After being grounded for almost two long years, the Nicolas Cage starrer is one that should welcomed with open arms, now that it was come out in blood and bone.

The movie took ten years to hit the box office after the script was handled to MGM by screen writer, Bragi F. Schut but this does not mean the movie has lost its grace with time. The saying ‘great things take their time’ comes handy in offering an explanation to the delay. What a powerful story line, medieval set up and a pack of talented actors can achieve can be seen by watching this fantasy action offering by Dominic Sena, the critically acclaimed director.

Based in 14 century Europe, the story revolves around two crusaders, Behmen and Felson, who are on their way to homeland Germany, after witnessing the horrendous acts human wrath can commit. While passing through unknown territories, they come to know about the state of Roman Empire under a plague attack.  The story takes a sudden turn when their identities are discovered and they are bestowed the task of escorting the girl, who is regarded as the witch carrier of the dreary disease.

This is where the excitement starts to build up in the movie, with the movie giving this jolting twist to the story! Accompanied by a priest, two knights and a con man for a guide, they start on a journey to a distant monastery, where the girl will be relieved of her vices through exorcism. But the journey is marked by perils which will take the lives of some. The director has successfully woven the tale without losing grip on the main plot.

When the group finally reaches the monastery, the well guarded secrets come out with shocking revelations. This definitely does take the audience by surprise, and their sheer size leaves them awestruck! The hideous demons, thrilling story line and Nicolas Cage at his best are the reasons why Season of the Witch can turn out to be one of the best fantasy action movies to be. Considering the dreary looks the people suffering from plague carry, the makeup team can make it to the awards list too.


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