Release Date : 10 Sep, 2010
Duration : 97 Min
Director : Paul W.S. Anderson
Genre : Action | Horror | Thriller | Sci-Fi
Awards : 1 win & 3 nominations

Plot :

Written and directed by immensely talented Paul W.S. Anderson, Resident Evil Afterlife (Resident Evil 4) is a breathtaking movie based on the evergreen theme of Undead.

The world is on the verge of extinction, as a dangerous virus is speedily preying on the human bodies by transforming them into Undead. A girl named Alice takes it upon herself to look for survivors and safeguard them from impending dangers. As Alice is busy in her mission, the population of Undead is ballooning at a very rapid pace. The difficulties are refusing to leave her company and she must learn to deal with them before they overpower her.

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Reviews :

Director Paul Anderson’s maiden 3D venture and the fourth part of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Afterlife has been largely hailed by critics. Some of them were kind enough to viciously point out its flaws, and some of them had genuine grievances but most did not. I have my doubts as to how many of those critics would’ve watched action movies as a child, and appreciated an action movie for action, rather than harp about the nuances and small details of the storyline.

But with Resident Evil: Afterlife, we’d like to see more of the characters and a bit less of the computer generated animations. Resident Evil: Afterlife delivers on a few critical fronts it is supposed to. And, there are some grey areas in the story which can go with some improvement. There are a few things that carry the movie nicely, the first being Milla Jovovich, and secondly the perfect blend of special effects and the action sequences. Let me begin the actual review by saying that there is nothing more haunting, in a rather macabre sense, then a lithe, hot as hell Milla Jovovich; chased by a bunch of zombies.

That has been the highlight of the Resident Evil series along with Paul Anderson’s direction. The movie begins on a somber note, the T-virus has spread all over the world and we see Alice and her army of Alice clones unleashing mayhem on the streets of Tokyo. Alice is going after the super-evil entity, the Umbrella Corporation and the tormentor-in-chief – Albert Wesker. Right from the wham-bam start, Resident Evil: Afterlife is clear on one aspect – Alice is back, and she is pissed and fully loaded. The super heroine doles out another credible performance, as she goes on a rampage in the Umbrella headquarters. As the story moves from Tokyo to Los Angeles to Alaska, Ali Larter returns as Claire; joined by her long-lost brother Chris Redfield, played by Wentworth Miller.

They embark on a mission to find the supposed safe-zone Arcadia. The twist in the storyline comes when Alice loses her superpowers as Hesker injects her with the anti-virus. But, she is even more convincing with her human limitations! The most notable fight and chase sequence in the film is the jail scene where Chris takes the group of those left alive with Alice; out of the jail. And, chasing the group are Majinis!

In between the action scenes, the viewer will hardly get any time to breathe and familiarize with the characters. They kill or they get killed, simple. Director Paul Anderson manages a decent movie with an underlying intrigue and a fast-paced plot, with loads of blood, bullets and babes. Resident Evil: Afterlife is no masterpiece, but still deserves a watch, and an engrossing one at that.



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