Release Date : 25 Sep, 2009
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Awards : 2 wins & 3 nominations

Plot :

Directed by Oren Peli, Paranormal Activity movie has it all what genuine horror addicts crave for. Its blood-curdling plotline forces every hair-strand on your body to stand up erect. The story follows the day to day life of a young couple, who shifts to a new house.

Their dream of leading a happy and serene life gets shattered, as the new house turns out to be their biggest enemy. Every night they feel haunted by the presence of a terrifying entity. The paranormal happenings become more activated when they fall asleep. How will they manage to beat the fear and unveil the real cause behind these strange occurrences? Download Paranormal Activity movie from here and know the entire story.

We promise you a wonderful movie viewing experience, triggered by a vivid video display and noise-filtered sound output.

Reviews :

Films like Paranormal Activity are easy to make, easy to publicize, easy to watch, but difficult to like. They are difficult to like because they are rarely made properly. But talk about Paranormal Activity and you get the best exercise in horror genre since the Saw series thumped us out completely.

Oren Peli directed this film, which basically infuses horror through videotaping done by a couple after being tormented by unseen forces in their own house. Katie and Micah live together and leave a camera switched on every night in their bedroom. Katie is unaware of the evil force that torments her at night. The idea of presenting a film seen through a camera was brilliantly utilized in 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. But Paranormal Activity manages to shake the inner belief to such an extent that you become less inclined at thinking it’s a movie, and more uptight at discoursing it as an event that ‘really did take place’.

The conversation is of the sort that you and I indulge in at our respective homes. It does not bank on anything superficial, nor does it give the feeling for a second that it is being ‘shot’. It’s a real film, and a horrifying one at that. That can make one think as to what extraordinary then Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat would have done in terms of acting, if all they were doing was just playing out real! It’s true; the film does not ask them to act it, and that, is the most difficult thing to do: to ‘not act’ when you ‘are’ acting.

I must say that Paranormal Activity, at its first look, would appear to be an exercise at choosing anything randomly on the pretext of doing something different. But had it not been for this cause, Paranormal Activity wouldn’t have acquired the scope for itself to be this scary. As the film progresses and the couple start contemplating on previous nights’ recordings, the findings become more and more startling. Soon, you are draped in the events that underline the sleeping hours.

As the camera rolls on while the couple silently sleeps, you are alarmed, at the edge of your seat, ready to scream and, at that time, if anyone so much as coughs beside you, you will shriek. And shrieking you do, because that’s what I did! I have lived through gore, munched carelessly at ghosts, but talk about a live camera that is recording something on a table catching fire without ‘anything’ or ‘anyone’ so much as around it, that’s when I need to stand up and unravel. Well, films like Paranormal Activity may be difficult to like, but Paranormal Activity is one to admire, to like, to live…uh, not live and to watch several times. It’s a different film with spellbinding moments!


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