27th June 2008
Finally FEAR JAM is announced! Appearing this year will be MACABRE with support from SOULBLEED, FIRST JASON and THE HORRIFICS! After last years successful show with Michale Graves we HAD to have another for FF3! Admission for Gold Pass patrons is free of charge, $20 for anybody else. Macabre have not played in TX for OVER 4 YEARS! Don’t miss the party!

Also added in the way of new guests: ELLIE CORNELL (Rachel in Halloween 4 and 5), HARRY MANFREDINI (who wrote the incredible score for Friday the 13th) and Ari Lehman (Jason in Friday the 13th and now the frontman of rock band, FIRST JASON).

9th June 2008
Tom Towles has been reconfirmed to appear! Tom has starred in Michael Mann’s Miami Vice, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses to name but a few! Also confirmed for FF3 are Dominick Brascia and Ron Sloan of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning! Pretty much making FF3 the ultimate FRIDAY 5 reunion!

12th April 2008
Well a month has passed since we first announced the dates for Fear Fest 3, however, ALOT has changed!

Orginally we had planned for Fear Fest 3 to happen in March 2009 and have The Lost Boys themed show. Instead we are doing the third event in October this year (3rd, 4th & 5th) and the theme will be a Halloween 4 (20th Anniversary), Friday the 13th 5 and Monster Squad show with other great guests appearing as well!

We listened to ALL of the postive and negative feedback and decided to make the appropriate changes. We outgrew the Westin before we could even settle! The space at the Hyatt is double the size, so this should allow no more line issues, and it’s at the airport! How is that for accommodation?. A special room rate of $109 a night has been organised.

Fear Fest 4 will be The Lost Boys theme, more news on that over the coming months! FULCI FEST will be completely rescheduled. Stay tuned.

So, this is the first guestlist announcement and we have some special people for this show! With the Halloween 4, Friday the 13th 5 and Monster Squad reunions aside we also have Michael Pare, Renny Harlin, Tom Towles and Danielle Harris scheduled to appear!

Check the guest page for a full rundown on who will be appearing at Fear Fest 3. In terms of FEAR JAM, with the success of the Michale Graves show at FF2 we have decided to have another Fear Jam at FF3. Details will be announced very soon. FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS, on the other hand, is all set, with screenings of all our reunion movies scheduled (with special guests ofcourse!).

In terms of tickets, we have simplified the system this year in light of the previous show and problems we had with demand and VIP queue time. Gold passes will be limited to 200 and are $79 for this event. Other than that, the only tickets available will be day ($25) and weekend passes ($40). Screenings for Halloween 4, Friday the 13th 5 and Monster Squad will be held on the Friday night. See the ticket page for full details.

13th March 2008
What better day to announce Fear Fest 3 than almost a year to the day? We will be holding the next event on the 13th, 14th and 15th March 2009. That’s right, the show will fall on a Friday the 13th! Keep checking back for official announcements, which will begin very soon. We are really going to strive to make this the best show yet and improve upon the first two events ten fold.