Release Date : 17 Aug, 2010
Director : Sam Gorski
Genre : Action | Thriller | Sci-Fi

Plot :

The movie Dark Island, full of action, thriller and sci-fi, is directed by the joint efforts of Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringerv. It centers on a few rescue team members, who are hired by a military corporation.

This corporation uses a remote island for experiments and testing of their biological weapons. But once the corporation’s research team loses its control on experiments, they have to face destructive results. So, a rescue team is sent to the island, where they find a sole survivor Mitchell. But how this all happens in the island, to know must catch Dark Island video. After reading the story of this movie, if you found that this movie is of your choice and you want to get Dark Island download, then you wouldn’t find any better space than this site.

Reviews :

The title of the movie will surely leave you with the wrong impression about it being associated with black magic, dark powers and supernatural; as the movie addresses a more interesting theme. A rescue team of scientists and soldiers is sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a team of scientists to a remote island.

Dark Island is different from other such movies as it has no usual antagonist or pursuer, lurking in the background. You would feel intrigued and strongly compelled to unravel the secrets that are intricately woven in the story. The black smoke that hovers over the group; instills fears in the minds of one and all as it engulfs and poisons anything that comes in its way.

Jai Koutrae comes out as a brilliant performer, dazzling the screen in every single scene. Mary Christina Brown and Zero Kazama come handy with their realistic acting. The movie manages to behold secrets, which are revealed as the story moves forwards. Amidst the chaos wreaked by deaths and setbacks, the movie manages to give audiences a twitch.

The director duo of Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer has done a commendable job in bringing the age-old rescue mission theme alive, by adding an unexpected villain in the form of smoke. It reminded me of the smoke monster from the popular series LOST; hovering over the rescue party.

Keeping in mind the low budget of the movie, it would be apt to say that the makers have amazingly completed the job. They are successful in weaving a tale marked by mystery, horror and grotesque action sequences. The not-very-known star cast has exhibited caliber, and the Dark Island would definitely help them in propelling their careers to astounding heights.

The movie scores high on action, thrill and suspense factors. All in all, it is worth your hard earned money.


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